• CHARGES: Two DUI’S in 4 months.
    FACING: 2 years in Jail. Possible felony.
    FACTS: Blood Alcohol 4x the Legal Limit
  • CHARGES: Attempted Murder
    FACING: 15 years to Life
  • CHARGES: 2 DUI’S and 2 accidents in 2 months.
    FACING: 2 years in county jail.
  • CHARGES: 3rd Offense DUI.
    FACING: 1 Year in Jail, Ignition Interlock. Fines.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail. No fines.
  • CHARGES: Felony assault, criminal threats.
    FACING: 6 years in Prison.
    COURT: Client facing 2 strikes.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail.
  • CHARGES: Felony drugs for Sale.
    FACING: 6 Years in Prison.
    FACTS: Client w/drugs, scales and cash.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No jail.
  • CHARGES: DUI. Refusal allegation.
    FACING: License Suspension for 1 year.
    FACTS: Client had 12 pack then gets refusal.
    RESULT: License SAVED.
    FACING: 3 Years in Prison. 3 year License Susp.
    FACTS: Major accident. High B.A.C.
  • CHARGES: Assault w/deadly weapon.
    FACING: 1 Year Jail. 1 Year Counseling. Fines.
    FACTS: Flashlight on neighbor
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED Prior to Trial.
  • CHARGES: Embezzlment, 11 felony counts.
    FACING: 5 years in prison. Huge Fines.
    FACTS: $35K in theft over 1 year.
    RESULT: 10 days community labor. DISMISSAL in 3 years.
  • CHARGES: Robbery. Felony Assault. Threats.
    FACING: 3 Strikes. Over 20 years in Prison.

Important Information for Downey Criminal & Juvenile Cases.


If you are facing a criminal case in the Downey Criminal Courthouse, you were probably arrested at some point by the Downey Police Department, the Norwalk Sheriff or the Southgate Police Department.  These law enforcement agencies maintain jurisdiction over the Downey, Norwalk, South Gate and neighboring cities. 

The Downey Police Department is located on 10911 Brookshire Avenue in Downey, California, 90241.  Their website address is www.downeypd.org

The Norwalk Sheriff’s Department is located on 12335 Civic Center Drive, Norwalk, California 90650.  Their website address is www.lasd.org. 

The South Gate Police Department is located 8620 California, South Gate, California 90280. 

These three agencies along with the California Highway Patrol have the authority to make arrests in Downey, Norwalk & Southgate area for crimes such as, DUI, Domestic Violence, Battery, Assault, Petty Theft, Grand Theft, Warrants, Robbery, Burglary, Molestation, Rape, Sexual Assault, Attempted Murder, Murder, Manslaughter, Gang Crimes, Drug possession and Drug Sales. 

Once you are arrested in Downey, Norwalk or Southgate, the arresting agency will then determine if you should be released with a citation to appear in court OR if you should remain in custody until your court date.  This determination is made based on several factors including what criminal charges you are likely to be facing, if you have any warrants or probation cases and if more investigation needs to be done on your case.

From Arrest to Court

Most people are under the wrong impression that the Police charge people with crimes.  That is only partly true.  The police will only arrest and detain people whom they believe have committed a crime, but they are not the decision makers when it comes to whether you will be charged in a criminal court.   The district attorneys office in that specific courthouse will make that determination after reviewing the police reports and any information your attorney can provide them.

For criminal cases in the Downey, Norwalk, & Southgate area, the Downey District Attorneys’ office determines if a crime occurred and whether to levy formal criminal charges.  They are located inside the Downey Criminal Courthouse on 7500 East Imperial Highway, Downey, California 90242.

The district attorney’s office’ determination of whether to file charges and what charges to file has to do with many factors.  The main factor is whether a crime occurred and there is reason to belief that the suspect committed it.  There are other factors that they may consider, such as whether they can prove their case to a jury.   If there is information that may be useful to the District Attorney in deciding to file or dump your criminal case, it is important to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney that can present it to the D.A. as soon as possible.

Downey Misdemeanors and Felonies

The Downey Criminal Courthouse handles all traffic, misdemeanors and felony cases.  There are 8 departments in the Downey Courthouse.   Department 1 is devoted almost exclusively to Traffic matters and Small claims.   Downey Criminal Lawyer Anthony Arzili has the privilege to fill in as Judge Pro Tem for department 1.

Downey Departments 2 through 6 handle all misdemeanor crimes such as DUI, Suspended License, Possession of Drugs, Under the Influence, Theft, Domestic Violence, Gun Charges, Probation Violations and Warrants.

Downey Criminal Attorneys Anthony Arzili and Associates have appeared hundreds of times in the Downey Criminal Courthouse.  They have handled criminal matters in every department and know the rules and procedures of this courthouse.

Juvenile Cases in Whittier & Downey

If your child has been detained in the Whittier, Downey or Southgate area, he is likely to have his case heard by the Los Padrinos Juvenile Court in Downey.  This Juvenile Court is located on 7281 East Quill Drive in Downey, California 90242.

The Los Padrinos Court also has a detention facility where Juveniles are housed.   If your child has been detained for a Juvenile Crime in the Downey, Whittier or Southgate area, it is imperative that you consult an experience Juvenile attorney immediately.

Juvenile Lawyers Anthony Arzili & Associates have handles hundreds of Juvenile cases with charges ranging from Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drugs, Weapons, Assault, Theft, Robbery, Vandalism, Burglary, Sexual assault, Rape, and Attempted Murder.

Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers Anthony Arzili & Associates can make the difference in a case by contacting the probation officer immediately and requesting that your child be released pending the outcome of his criminal case.

Attorney Arzili & Associates have also been able to speak with the District Attorneys Office prior to filing of a criminal case to persuade the D.A. to not file charges in cases such as Rape and Assault and Robbery.   Waiting to see what happens before hiring an attorney can cause irreparable harm to your child’s future.  Call us now for a free case evaluation.

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